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Our services are intended for people who have received their permanent resident status or who meet the definition of Convention refugee or person in need of protection.


These people come from an immigration background and are either new arrivals to the region or have been settled for some time.


These people need support to adapt to life in Canada and/or need help to integrate into our communities.


Needs Assessment and Referrals


The Northeastern Ontario Settlement Services act as a springboard for newcomers wishing to access community and government resources. The team at this one-stop service will:

  • Assess your individual needs based on your current priorities and your personal and professional goals

  • Establish a settlement plan which serves as a starting point for referrals to the resources that each person may need, such as:

    • finding suitable housing

    • searching for a job

    • registering a child for school

    • getting a social insurance number, health card or other important documents

    • learning one of Canada’s official languages

    • professional networking

    • identifying cultural or sports clubs that meet individual interests

Northeastern Ontario Settlement Services, Hearst to Smooth Rock Falls

Information and Orientation


We provide clients with information on a wide range of topics relating to their personal and professional objectives. The topics vary from understanding the workplace culture in Northern Ontario to how to file a tax return and become a Canadian citizen. An overview of the advantages of settling in Northeastern Ontario is also available. Information can be shared in a number of ways, including:

  • Face-to-face meetings

  • Group workshops

  • Webinars

  • Training modules

Community Connections


Our objective is to facilitate introductions between new members of the community and local citizens to foster bonds of friendship and the creation of a support network for newcomers. Through group activities, community visits, community-based mentoring and job shadowing, we aim to initiate newcomers to our region’s activities and invite them to discover their new environment.

Transportation Support


Transportation is available to service delivery points to help newcomers access the services they need to settle in.

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